A study on th contribution of human resource development strategies to sustainable development of the SME sector in Sri Lanka

Ms. Pavithra Subhashini ,Senior Lecturer / Head ,Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering ,Faculty of Computing

Abstract :-

The core strength of any organization comes from its employees. To develop and strengthen them will lead to a solid foundation for the organization’s future. An organization depends on them for its success. Many researchers believe that for organizations to maintain a competitive advantage they must focus on enhancing performance through a process of continual development of employees. Human Resource Development (HRD) is essentially a business- led approach to developing people with in a strategic frame work. Strategic HRD takes a broad and long- term view about how HRD policies and practices can support the achievement of business’s goals regardless of what the size of the business is. This research aims to study contribution of HRD strategies to sustainable development of the SME sector. The conceptual frame work is formulated based on the research problem, “Are Human Resource Development strategies effective

Subjects :-  Human Resource Management