PhD in Management

Doctoral Programme

Duration - 3 Years (Full Time)

The PhD in Management at NSBM is well crafted to suit the modern world requirements of knowledge creation. The programme is structured cohesively in a manner that allows the candidates to absorb the knowledge required to successfully move through different stages of the programme. Initially, an introductory workshop would be carried out with the aim of preparing the candidates for doctoral study. Thereafter during the first semester, core modules are delivered with a focus on the systematic development of the required research skills in proceeding to their intended study. Afterwards, the candidate would receive the opportunity to closely work with the appointed supervisor who would be an expert in the selected field of study. The supervision process is closely governed by the university in ensuring impactful and high-quality PhD dissertations within the stipulated time frame.

Throughout the intensive three-year PhD programme, the candidates are driven to acquire and share new knowledge for the benefit of the larger community. This is facilitated by the resourceful faculty with a core team of academics from both local and international scholarly communities, offering the ideal balance of unique experiences and global exposure for the candidates. In addition to the core team of academics, the supervisory panel consists of a pool of globally renowned scholars who has a wealth of experience in research and consultancy.


The three-year study programme consists of two phases, Preparatory and Execution. A student shall be effectively engaged in research for a period of three years. It shall commence as a trickle with the conduct of the Introductory Workshop and gradually build over time. The in-built activities and assignments included in the modules as well as the study meetings, are aimed at facilitating the research efforts of students.

Year/ SemesterModule/ Activity
Preparatory Phase
Year 1: Semester I
  • Introductory Workshop
  • Cluster I:
  • DMT 1102: Research Methodology in Management I
  • DMT 1202: Theoretical Approaches to Management
  • DMT 1302: Academic Writing and Presentation
  • Study meetings (fortnightly)
  • Cluster II
  • DMT 1402: Research Methodology in Management II and Ethics
  • DMT 1502: Sociology of Knowledge
  • DMT 1602: Seminar Series on Thesis Proposal Writing
Year 1: Semester II and
Year 2: Semester I
  • Appointment of supervisors
  • Thesis Proposal preparation and defense
  • Laboratory Sessions: Software for Data Analysis
  • DMT 1602: Seminar Series on Thesis Proposal Writing to continue
Execution Phase
Year 2: Semester II and
Year 3: Semester I and II
  • Conduct of the doctoral research:
  • By the end of Year 3/5, Semester II submission of Thesis (either a monograph or a compendium of 3-5 papers).
  • DMT 2190: Thesis
  • Defense of the Thesis will follow.


  • A Master of Philosophy Degree in Management or related field or
  • A Master’s Degree in Management or related field


The programme is a three-year study programme and the maximum period allowed for completion is seven years from the initial date of registration.


The applicants should send a short research proposal of 1000 words indicating your initial ideas for a PhD study demonstrating the aims of the intended study along with the Curriculum Vitae to . The shortlisted candidates will then be informed about the rest of the selection process.


The 3-year full time course will be LKR 2,100,000 for the entire duration. However, the candidates who are unable to complete the programme within three years, must pay a programme fee for the extended period.

Send us an inquiry to ask about payment plans and loan facilities

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  • Year 1 - 650,000 LKR
  • Registration Fee - 40,000 LKR
  • Library Fee - 10,000 LKR
  • Year 2 - 700,000 LKR
  • Year 3 - 700,000 LKR
Three Years (Full Time)
2,100,000 LKR
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We will provide you expert guidance on the formal specification of your topic, the structure and organization of your thesis, and the general direction of your research. Your supervisors will be experts in your areas of research. Regular supervision helps to ensure that your research progresses in the appropriate direction. Full-time doctoral students are expected meet with their supervisors at least 10 times during the year.

Taught modules are designed to help you in the transition to independent research, you will normally be expected to complete several assessed taught modules during course of study in the areas such as philosophical thinking, research methodology and academic writing.

In addition to attending taught modules, we will provide you additional workshops time to time to enhance your research management, research skills, presentation and communication skills, and research ethics. These workshops will be conducted by both local and international experts in respective areas.

All PhD students are expected to attend and publish in International Conference for Business Innovation which is organized by the NSBN Green University. This is an excellent platform to doctoral researchers to publish their work in progress. Further, NSBM Green university also publish set of peer reviewed journals to facilitate your publication requirements.

Our academic departments and centers host regular speakers from academia, business and industry, as well as high-profile panel sessions to give you more insights about the development in the field of business and management.

My father served as a nonacademic staff member of University of Sri Jayawardenapura for 37 long years, and from the time I can remember, he would always urge me to ‘Do a PhD one day’ always adding that ‘It makes you a complete man.’ I inquired why he said this when I came of age: and all he cryptically told me was, ‘Do it – then you will understand.’

I took on my PhD studies after much thought and consideration. I knew it would be hugely demanding on my time: and being able to make the PhD a priority whilst running my consulting practice was going to be a challenge. However, having spoken to the team at NSBM, I garnered enough confidence to embark on the journey: and enrolled as one of the students of the inaugural PhD program of NSBM.

I must admit, it has been a tough journey so far: but I have always known anything worth doing was going to be challenging and demanding. Over the last year, I have been exposed to a myriad of new insights about my subject: Leadership. I have also had the fortune to be tutored under both local and international academics, enabling me to assimilate not only knowledge but also varying teaching practices, as well as a rich and deep appreciation for Research Methods (which I never quite dwelled into deeply throughout my academic studies). The rigour of the program has enabled me to appreciate the importance of process, peer support, self-study as well as supervised reiterations as part of a learning experience. The entire journey has given me a deeper and often varied insight into ‘education.’

As a practitioner, the ability to oscillate between theory and practice has been richly rewarding. Whatever I have learnt, I have been able to bring to my consulting practice: making me conceptualise solutions in a more in-depth and framework-oriented approach which has enhanced my offering to my clients. It has also enabled me to look at things anew: with a fresh pair of eyes.

I can heartily recommend the program: but be warned: be prepared to put in copious amounts of time towards it. The PhD is only as good as what you put into it: and unlike a master’s level program where you are almost handheld through the process – here – you are very much on your own. Supervisors and the entire team at NSBM will be there to guide you through the journey: but make no mistake: YOU are the one at the helm – and the steering wheel – no one is going to steer it for you… I do hope I am able to conclude this journey before my father leaves this world (he is 82 !), place the thesis in his hands, and tell him that I finally understand what he meant when he urged me to take this journey: and confirm to him: I am a better man for it…
Vidusha Nathavitharana
Destiny Architect


With the support of experts in the field of business research. we offer a superb opportunity to develop your research skills through PhD study.