NSBM Research Council

NSBM Green University, as defined by its mission, is a creative and innovative university of future generations. It drives under the themes of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and globalization to direct the country towards a knowledge-based globalized economy, bringing in sustainable development in a circular economy. As a forward-thinking university in higher education, NSBM Green University assures the vital need to make learning relevant to industry expectations. Hence it has forged strategic collaborations with leading universities in the world that enable our students to expose themselves to universal thinking and best practices in global industries. As the university aims to move from strength to strength, the NSBM Research Council embarks on a brand-new journey for the university to pioneer it as a leader in research combining the essence of both scholarly and practitioner work.

Our mission

  • Create a research culture and encourage scientific thinking and training on the part of undergraduates
  • Encourage the scholars to understand the value of collaborative research with practitioners
  • Promote and support postgraduate training in relevant social and economic issues facilitating staff development
  • Foster research and development through widening the access to funds and infrastructure
  • To provide solutions in critical research areas to our country (in line with the manifesto of government)


  • To create critical partnerships with the institutions and industries
  • Create leadership to carry out research leading to high quality, peer-reviewed publications
  • Promote mixed-method research to increase the validity of research findings
  • To promote an environment for international collaboration
1. Dr. Damayanthi DahanayakeHead
2. Prof. Baratha DodankotuwaSenior Advisor
3. Dr. Chaminda WijesingheAdvisor
4. Ms. Thilini de SilvaCommittee member (FOB)
5. Dr. Rasika RanaweeraCommittee member (FOP)
6. Dr. Chandana PereraCommittee member (FOE)
7. Dr. Nuwanthi KatuwavilaCommittee member (FOS)
8. Mr. Shaja MusthafaCommittee member (FOB)
9. Ms. Piyumi WickramasingheCommittee member (FOB)
10. Ms. Sashini GayanthikaCommittee member (FOB)
11. Dr. ShafrazCommittee member (FOC)
12. Mr. Chamindra AtthanayakeCommittee member (FOC)
13. Ms. Hirushi DilpriyaCommittee member (FOC)
14. Dr. Samindi JayawickramaCommittee member (FOE)
15. Mr. Isuru Hewa KottageCommittee member (FOC)
15. Mr. Isuru Hewa KottageCommittee member (FOC)
16. Dr. Miruna RabindrakumarCommittee member (FOS)
17. Dr. Bhagya DeepachandiCommittee member (FOS)

NSBM boasts some of the top-class facilities that support world-leading research. We have extensive digital and printed library collections, including Emerald and Turnitin facilities, plus plenty of on-campus support and services to help you find resources. Our library and information management specialists work closely with academic colleagues to provide students with a wide range of relevant digital and print resources and to create specific reading lists for courses.

Searching the library collection

  • It’s quick, easy, and simple to use.
  • You can search the library catalogue, other relevant electronic resources, and library databases – all at the same time.
  • Finds books, e-books, journal articles, journals, reports, and exam papers in just one search.
  • Can be used on any device, anywhere, and anytime.
  • Allows you to reserve books
  • Your personal Library Account gives information about the books you’ve borrowed and when you need to bring them back.


Postgraduate (PhD) Research Hub

The PhD-only Research Hub in the NSBM Green University Library is designed to meet your needs.

It offers:

  • Meeting room with executive seating and projector facilities
  • Extra-large study desks with wi-fi, individual lighting and power sockets – especially useful in the writing-up stages of your research
  • Space for individual and group work
  • Individual and group study rooms, with large LED screens
  • Lockers for your convenience

Our expert library staff are here to help you too, online, in person and through workshops and events. They can advise and support you with literature searching, referencing, EndNote, open access publishing, increasing citations and research data management.

Academic Development and Quality Assurance (AD&QA) unit of NSBM is responsible for the implementation of academic strategy across the university. The ambition of the unit is to uplift the academic standards of the university to respond to a highly competitive and fast-changing environment and seeks to position the university on par with internationally recognized universities. In realizing this ambition, the AD&QA offers a wide range of strategic initiatives such as managing the academic programme portfolio, ensuring quality assurance enhancement, implanting academic staff development programmes, conducting conferences, encouraging publications, research and development and public engagement programmes. With the establishment of the university research council, this work is further advanced in terms of dedicated research-led initiatives.Existing research-led initiatives in this regard have been the International Conference on Business Innovation (ICOBI) which has been taking place since 2018.

We collaborate with our research partners on projects that directly benefit the industry, economy and society. Collaboration helps us to push the boundaries of research even further.
At NSBM Green University, we pride ourselves on our close understanding of business and industry. This helps us to make sure our teaching and research are relevant to the needs of modern businesses. We have many partnerships with both local and global businesses which take many forms from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, to secondments and consultancy.

The university actively engages with the industry through its bi-annual Business Dialogue magazine. The magazine is a much sort after publication at the university. Its most compelling quality is its collaborative nature, with both students and lecturers as contributing editors and authors. Each issue captures the brilliant words and advice of business gurus and experts stemming from multiple industries worldwide.

This magazine is primarily printed for distribution among the students at NSBM to act as a source of inspiration, whilst learning the ample opportunities and pathways of their chosen fields of study. The many trials and tribulations faced by current business leaders, both locally and internationally, shall indeed act as a stimulus to all our aspiring young undergraduates.

In terms of ongoing research partnerships, the university, through the research council are actively engaged with projects with SLT/Mobitel and Printcare PLC in long term development projects.

The NSBM research-related activities constantly strive to capture the works of the students in their academic pursuits. One such key activity is the student research symposium that empowers young researchers to showcase their talents in terms of their novel research ideas. Not only does this develop an interest for new and innovative work in respective subject areas but also creates a brand-new research culture from a very young age with the student community.

Researcher Development, at its heart, encompasses all the learning and development that you experience and acquire during your time in NSBM Green University. It provides you with the skills you need right now for your current work, as well as for your future, whatever that might look like.

As the Academic Development and Quality Assurance (AD&QA) unit the University’s central provider for the development of PhD students and research staff, delivering a diverse programme of activities and resources for researchers, as well as acting as a hub for the coordination of Researcher Development provision in the University. One such key initiative has been the staff development program which completed its 3rd session with the intention of fostering knowledge so that the academics could uplift their career. The candidates also conducted group presentations pertaining to the modules done throughout the program, sharing wisdom while exhibiting their individual competencies to the gathering.