NSBM Phase 2

The promising journey of NSBM Green University instils unwavering confidence in its future. The future journey and its effects will undoubtedly surpass the achievements of the past, gradually paving the way towards the vision of being the best-performing graduate school in Sri Lanka and being recognised internationally. The university’s strategic leadership has driven the university to its present success and has succeeded in taking significant strides in shaping its future. Phase 2 developments currently in progress will be a key driver of the university’s future growth to further expand its impact on the world at large.

NSBM Green University, since its very inception, was planned for a total area of 50 acres of land. While Phase 1 was in operation with substantial growth achieved in a shorter period of time, the university realised the need for further expansion with the available opportunities in the market in multiple domains in line with the strategic plan of the university.

To capitalise on identified opportunities and also to cater for the expansion requirements, another 15 acres of land adjoining the current project was acquired from the Urban Development Authority on 30-year lease and prepared plans for Phase 2 of NSBM Green University. A crucial aspect of Phase 2 is the reliance on internally generated excess funds for each phase of development. The development process is well underway, and will be completed on an incremental basis of priority, initially being given to fund-generating development activities considering the self-financing nature of the organisation.

Considering the emerging requirements, market developments and further expansion requirements of Phase 1 of the project, the master plan for Phase 2 consists of the following main developments.

Completed and Ongoing Developments

New Faculty Building Complex

Phase 2 includes a new faculty building for the proposed Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Health Sciences. The construction has now reached an advanced stage of completion. In addition to the main three faculties, the new faculty building complex will include student gathering areas, an outdoor student gathering terrace area and also expanded education facilities in terms of one 500 seating capacity lecture hall, one 250 seating capacity lecture hall and seven 100 seating capacity lecture halls, computer labs, tutorial rooms and other related amenities.


The construction of the playground is already completed. The playground, spanning a total of 14,000 square meters, features a 400-meter running track, cricket and rugby fields, a sports pavilion (with a VIP section), dressing rooms, and a cafeteria.

Student Car Park

The student parking facility has been successfully completed, featuring a total of 150 car parking spaces, 10 designated bus parking areas, and 100 dedicated motorbike parking slots. This parking area is equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of our students and their vehicles.

Natural Rainwater Harvesting Pond

In further improving the existing sustainable practices, a rainwater harvesting pond with a central island is already established with a total area of 2,500 square meters. With the intention of improving the overall well-being of the students, this is further accompanied by an outdoor student gathering and recreational area, jogging path and a butterfly garden.

Future Developments

Multi-functional Hall

With a total floor area of 13,500 square meters and consisting of five floors. Facilities further extend to a total seating capacity of 2,000 seats, a lounge, a VIP lounge, two mini-conference rooms with a total capacity of fifty people, a cafeteria, a vehicle parking area of 100 slots in total, student gathering & activity area, workshop area, post office, bank & ATMs and outdoor student gathering area.

Open Air Theatre

An open-air theatre with a total seating capacity of 500 seats and changing rooms.

Female and Male Hostel Buildings

Each hostel complex consists of 169 rooms accommodating 505 students in total, a kitchen, a dining area with a seating capacity of 152 seats, laundry, administration facilities and warden’s accommodation. The complex consists of two interconnected wings with nine and eight stories, respectively.

Day Care Centre

To bring about a welfare service to the staff, Phase 2 will also include a Day Care Center, which would facilitate 25 kids along with early childhood education service.

Minor Staff Accommodation

Designed to facilitate the minor staff in terms of providing lodging facilities on a full-time/short-term basis.

The ongoing expansion of our physical facilities is driven by the goal of nurturing well-rounded graduates who possess the skills to meet the ever-evolving demands of the world and are attuned to the emerging needs of society. Looking beyond the Phase 2 development, NSBM Green University is committed to further expanding the scope and quality of its degree programs. This includes fostering a culture conducive to establishing a regional knowledge hub for research and consultancy, extending our positive influence to a broader segment of society, and striving to achieve higher global rankings.