Academic Clubs

NBSM fosters a very supportive environment for students to indulge in numerous learning experiences outside of the regular classroom. Academic Clubs at NSBM offer many opportunities on campus to engage in co-curricular activities that complement the knowledge gathered and promote the practical application in real-world contexts.

Academic Clubs instil a platform for NSBM students to expand academic and social networks through collaborative efforts with like-minded people who are studying the same course or share common interests. Meanwhile, the involvement in events and activities carried out by these clubs contributes to individual skill development, which moulds the students into skilled degree holders.

Explore beyond boundaries and own future career success!

Student Circle of Accounting and Finance The Student Circle of Accounting and Finance (SCAF) is the very first subject circle of the Faculty of Business which is attached to the esteemed Department of Accounting and Finance. SCAF prides itself on being more than just a student body. It is a

English Literary Association (ELA) English Literary Association (ELA) is a unique club among the many subject circles operates under the purview of the Faculty of Business as it does not belong to a specific subject specialization. It comprises of students who share a common interest in literature and creative arts.

Public Relations Team The Public Relations team consists of a team of dedicated and driven department undergraduates. The formation of the team was the first-ever initiative of its kind in the history of the Department of Management. Since its formation in October 2021, the PR team continues to carry out

Young Business Researcher’s Club The Young Research Club is a student organization aimed at promoting and cultivating research interest among students and society at large. It also focuses on increasing the overall student understanding and contribution to undergraduate research at NSBM Green University.  As a Young Research Club participant, the

International Centre for Cultural Exchange The International Centre for Cultural Exchange (ICCE) is a platform established within NSBM to create a multicultural environment for students to develop their cultural intelligence (CQ) by enhancing cross-cultural communication skills and international perspectives. ICCE provides various services such as NSBM Global Village, study programmes,

Entrepreneurship Circle The NSBM Entrepreneurship Circle is a club that helps individuals who wish to grow or start up their businesses. We provide the students with the necessary skills, training, help, and support needed for them to succeed as entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurship Circle of NSBM is an entrepreneurial platform that