Department of Electrical, Electronic & Systems Engineering 

Department of Electrical, Electronic & Systems Engineering offers opportunities for students who are keen to be qualified beyond a traditional engineering discipline. Our engineering students get exposed to power & energy systems, electromechanics, communication systems, control systems, robotics & automation systems, electronics & micro-electronics, and modern computing systems while focusing on their preferred key specialization area. This unique opening is enhanced with highly qualified academia, leading-edge laboratory complex and industry partnerships. Adhering to professional engineering practices and being touched with neighbour disciplines mould our graduates career-ready to head start with the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.


Department Head's Message

Welcome to the Department of Electrical, Electronic & Systems Engineering. Our vision is to produce professional engineers who excel in their major with a thorough understanding of parallel disciplines to suit highly competitive industry requirements. We reach our vision through a dedicated academic culture which leads to research and innovation. First, our exceptional blend of staff from academia and industry fosters the roots of engineering education, laying a strong foundation for multidisciplinary specialization opportunities. Electrical, electronic and computer system engineering undergraduates get access to a wide variety of subject areas, including mathematics, electromagnetics, electromechanics, power & energy, communication systems, electronics & micro-electronics, modern computing systems, robotics & automation. To produce unique graduates, we create openings to be exposed to neighbour wings of engineering with multidisciplinary projects. Second, our leading-edge facilities and research move hand in hand with the continuously advancing industry. Above all, our culture maintains professionalism, ethics and a sense of responsibility to nurture future generations.
Ms. Kaumadee Samarakoon

Academic Staff

Department News

Department of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering (EESE) has a dynamic environment where new updates take place in line with advancing technology. Multiple co-curricular and extracurricular events in the department calendar give openings to improve technical literacy and discover student talents while providing a showcase for innovative ideas.

Student Life

Students at the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering get immersed in a diverse range of novel opportunities, from excellent academia to dynamic industry-level engagements to nurture young engineers. Beyond the professional engineering background, clubs & society activities shape their personalities with teamwork, coordination and leadership skills.

Department Head
Eng (Ms). Kaumadee Samarakoon
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