Department of Biomedical Science

Department of Biomedical Science is the only department currently functioning under the Faculty of Science. It offers degree programmes primarily related to the field of health sciences. The department’s main goal is to empower undergraduates to work together on scientific studies of human health and to meet the industry’s current, rising demand locally and globally by producing highly qualified science graduates. The department has cutting-edge labs to prepare students to be professionals of the future. The department is primarily concerned with expanding knowledge in the fields of biology, medicine, healthcare, psychology, pharmaceutical science, and chemistry in order to better prepare students for the competitive job market.

Currently, the department offers three University Grants Commission approved degree programmes and three foreign degree programmes together with Plymouth University, UK in bioscience discipline. All the degree programmes are full-time courses with an industry exposure and a research project. There is also a nursing top-up degree programme affiliated with Plymouth University, UK.


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Dr. Damayanthi Dahanayake
HOD / Senior Lecturer

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Dr. Damayanthi Dahanayake

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