BSc (Hons) Business Communication
Plymouth University – United Kingdom

BSc (Hons) in Business Communication awarded by Plymouth University, UK is a unique degree programme that provides students with the in-depth knowledge and understanding of communication used in a range of business situations. This degree endows students with the advanced academic, practical and professional skills required in numerous industries associated with Business Management and Communication, thereby enhancing their employability in the challenging, globalized and ever-evolving business settings.

Full Time
3 years
  • Full-fledged coverage of theories and skills required for contemporary Business Management
  • In-depth understanding of the English Language in a global context and its comprehensive application in communicative practices in a range of modern business sectors and social situations
  • Familiarization with the various aspects of communication integral to Administration, Management, Marketing and Media
  • Extensive development of a range of essential transferable skills for Management and Communication industry, i.e. critical and creative thinking skills; analytical and decision making skills; management, leadership and team working skills; persuasive and negotiating skills

Year 1

  • World of Business
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Personal Development
  • Organizational Communication
  • Economics for Business I
  • Economics for Business II
  • Business Law
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Culture and Society

Year 2

  • Business Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • Advertising, Brand Management and Marketing Communication
  • Managing People
  • Digital Marketing
  • International Business

Year 3

  • International Marketing
  • English for Global Communication
  • English for Professional Practice
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Organizational Leadership

Students should have either of following qualifications

  • 3 passes for Advanced Level in a single attempt for core subjects (Local or International equivalent) (London AS Level exams are not recognized as entry criteria)
  • Completion of NSBM foundation programme
  • Completion of Edexcel or BTEC Certified foundation programme (*Subject to the approval of program director)
  • Students should have passed Ordinary Level examination or equivalent including Mathematics and English
Course Fee
Year 1 (Full Time) 750,000
Year 2 (Full Time) 500,000
Year 3 (Part Time) 500,000
TOTAL 1,750,000
Registration Fee -
LKR 10,000
Library Fee -
LKR 5,000

Student Loan facilities are available from BOC, NSB & NDB banks. Send us an inquiry to ask about paymnet plans and loan facilities.


Careers associated with Business Communication are found in almost every industry. As BSc in Business Communication emphasizes on skills and knowledge essential to manage the internal and external communication of an organization, multiple career opportunities in public relations, marketing, advertising and visual and print media are earmarked for these graduates, i.e. Corporate Communication / Public Relations Manager, News Writer, Technical Writer, Copy Writer, Script Writer, Editor, Creative Director, etc. Thus, students who specialize in this field gain the competitive advantage of expanding the scope of their employability both in the state and corporate sector. All the more so, since this degree is relevant and recognized locally as well as globally.

Bachelor of Business Management