Day 08 of the NSBM Sports Fiesta 2024 witnessed an electrifying display of skill, teamwork, and determination in the NSBM Volleyball matches. The players showcased their prowess on the court, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the overall sports extravaganza.
As the competition unfolded, the intensity in the air reached new heights, with each sports house vying for supremacy. The NSBM Volleyball matches added a thrilling chapter to the event, exemplifying the true spirit of sportsmanship.
At the conclusion of the day’s events, in the Men’s category the Volleyball Point Table stood as follows:
🥇 Ruby Adventurers – 1st Place
🥈 Sapphire Heroes – 1st Runners-up
🥉 Emerald Fighters – 2nd Runners-up
Meanwhile, in the Girls’ matches, the results were as follows:
🥇 Citrine Warriors – 1st Place
🥈 Emerald Fighters – 1st Runners-up
🥉 Ruby Adventurers – 2nd Runners-up