Students Wellbeing Association of NSBM unfolds “Harithavarjana 2022”

“Harithavarjana 2022” – the art exhibition organized by the Students’ Wellbeing Association was successfully held in celebration of the 6th anniversary of NSBM Green University.

This event was launched to showcase various artistic skills of NSBM undergraduates in the form of drawings, photographs, poems and digital arts. In addition, individuals who visited the Harithawarjana 2022 Exhibition were given the opportunity to vote for the most popular artwork.

The event was graced by the gracious presence of the Head of Academic Development and Quality Assurance – Prof. Baratha Dodankotuwa, Master in Charge of Students’ Wellbeing Association – Senior Lecturer, Mr. Prasanna Perera, Mistress in Charge – Lecturer, Ms. Prabodha Rasangi, Academic members across all the faculties and well-wishers.