Ms. Zinia Liu

Senior Lecturer

Department of Marketing and Tourism Management

Faculty of Business


Mrs. Jingfang Liu (Zinia Liu) is a senior lecturer attached to the Department of Marketing and Tourism Management, Faculty of Business. She is a tourism management graduate from Beijing International Studies University in the capital of People’s Republic of China and completed her master’s degree from Nanyang Technological University in Republic of Singapore. She has also completed an innovation program from Standford University and had a few professional development trainings in Silicon Valley in the United States of America. 

She devoted herself fully in the tourism and hospitality industry with over 6 years’ working experience in hotels, travel agencies, and destination marketing agencies for tourism boards and attractions. She loves to work with the industry and currently she is also served as a co-founder of a tourism and investment brand based in Sri Lanka.

Beyond being an academic, she is a piano player for over 20 years with the top-level certificate from Central Conservatory of Music in People’s Republic of China towards nonprofessionals.

She also holds positions as a staff advisor for the AIESEC and Foodies Club at NSBM.