Ms. Sithara Rubasinghe


Department of Operations and Logistics

Faculty of Business


Ms. Sithara Rubasinghe is a graduate of the Plymouth University of United Kingdom First class (honors) with a GPA of 80.74 in Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (2016-2019). She joined NSBM in the year of 2020 and is currently employed as Lecturer attached to the Faculty of Business at the NSBM Green University. She delivers modules in Principles of Accounting, Financial Reporting and Disclosure, Quality Management, Operational Management, Personal Development, Economics. Currently she is reading for Strategic Level (Case Study) in CIMA (UK). She has pursued a corporate career nearly for one year in a leading company, Sri Lanka. Further, she is a Lecturer-in-charge of the Literature Circle of NSBM, Mistress-in-charge of Student Circle of Accounting and Finance (SCAF) and the Mistress-in-charge of the Badminton Club of NSBM.