Ms. Imasha Adihetti




Ms Imasha Adihetti is a lecturer attached to the Department of English and Modern Languages of NSBM.  She graduated from the University of Kelaniya in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Teaching English as a Second Language with a first-class GPA. She is currently reading for her Masters degree at the Post Graduate Institute of English, Sri Lanka.  She has also completed a certificate-level course in English at the University of Colombo. Before joining NSBM, she worked as a Temporary lecturer in English at the Department of Industrial Management, University of Kelaniya and the Department of Languages at the University of Moratuwa for a period of one and a half years. Further, she has worked as a Visiting Lecturer at the Australian College of Business and Technology. As an undergraduate, she has performed as the president of the Gender Equality and Equity club of the University of Kelaniya, and her expertise lies in qualitative and qualitative data analysis in interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary studies. Her research interests are related to the fields of Second Language Acquisition, Child language acquisition, Curriculum Development and Sri Lankan English.

Research and Publications

  1. Adihetti, A.I (2021). Zoom as a Synchronous Teaching and Learning Platform to Develop Speaking as a Skill among English as a Second Language Learners. Teaching English in the Global Village: Rajarata University International Symposium on English Language Teaching. ISSN 2792-1344
  2. Adihetti, A.I. (2021). A study into the role of working memory as an individual difference in acquiring oral proficiency. Vavuniya University International Research Conference 2021.
  3. Adihetti, A.I. (2021). The Role of Language Abilities as Individual Differences in Acquiring Oral Proficiency: Critical Analysis of Second Language Learners. Department of English Language Teaching at University of Kelaniya. (Unpublished dissertation)