Ms. Aushadharie Kaushalya




Aushadharie Kaushalya is a graduate of RMIT University, Australia in Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) followed by the RMIT University Foundation Programme and became the best academic student in the year. Currently, she is at the final stage of the Master of Business Administration Programme at Federation University, Australia and further, she completed her Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes in Australia in order to specialise in Leadership and Management. She worked as a Junior Accountant for seven years in Melbourne, fulfilling the duties of an accountant and playing multiple head roles in Human Resources, Operations, and Administration departments. She has demonstrated her interests in professional and career development followed by an Australian recognised course.

Aushdharie is currently a lecturer of the Faculty of Business attached to the Department of Management and delivers lectures on Management Process and other management-related subjects. She is a member of the NSBM Sports Council and the mistress in charge of the Athletic Club at NSBM University. She appointed as the Games Captain in the year 2009 at Holy Family Convent, Kalutara and the same year awarded as the “Star of the Year” for the exceptional performance of sports and academic. She performed as one of the best athletes in the country by not only being able to manage the championship for consecutive ten years at the Divisional level but also bringing many winnings at the national level in 100m, 200m and Long Jump with setting up a new record at National Youth Festival under 20 age group in 2008.

Research Interest

  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Emotional Labour
  • Human Resource Management
  • International
  • Work-life Balance
  • Sustainability Leadership

Journal Publications

  1. Joseph, S., Vidanalage, A. and Rajapakse, V.,(2022). The Response Expectation of Organizational Culture on Technology-Assisted Supplement Work. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS RESEARCH, p.27.

Conference (Full Paper) Publications

  1. Kaushalya, A. (2022) Formalised Emotional Labour in the Higher Education Sector: A Systematic Literature Review, ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BUSINESS INNOVATION (ICOBI). p231-242

Book Chapters Publications

  1. Kaushalya, A. (2021). MS Excel Essentials – Formulas and Functions. 01 ed. NSBM Green University.

Ongoing Research

  1. Influence of Customer Orientation on Emotional Transmutation and Work Performance of Academics: a study in the Education Sector in Sri Lanka
  2. Impact of Emotional Labour on Work-life Balance of Academics in Sri Lanka
  3. The impact of Sustainable Leadership Styles on the Employee Job Satisfaction in the Sri Lankan Education Sector