Mr. Tharaka Nayanapriya




Tharaka Nayanapriya, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Humanities University of Kelaniya in 2016. He studied Image Arts and secured a second-class upper in Bachelor of Arts (Special) degree. His scope is photography, film and television and he has gained many theoretical and practical experiences in Film and television studies. Before entering the university, Mr. Tharaka successfully completed a Diploma in Television Programme Production Techniques and Video Technology, which is offered by the National Youth Centre, Maharagama. Then he followed a Diploma in Digital Cinema Camera and Production Techniques at Sri Lanka Television Training Institute (SLTTI).
Mr. Tharaka has professional experience in the field of Television as he worked at many reputed media companies in Sri Lanka. He gained experience in handling broadcasting cameras, producing television programmes etc. Recently Mr. Tharaka worked at Ada Derana 24 which is a pioneer news broadcasting channel in Sri Lanka as a video editor as well as a programme producer.
Further, his research interests lie in the field of Sri Lankan film and television within the Sri Lankan social-political-cultural context. Apart from that Mr. Tharaka is reading his LLB degree at the University of London.

Research Interest

  • Film and Television in Sri Lankan Context

Journal Publications

  1. Assessing the competency of high dynamic range technique in Architectural  Photography M.G.T. Nayanapriya Journal of Aesthetic and Fine Arts, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

On-Going Research

  1. Influence of social media on the voting behavior of university students