Mr. Mohamed Shafraz

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Computing



Mohamed Shafraz is a Senior Lecturer attached to the Faculty of Computing and was the former, Head of Student Affairs at NSBM. He joined NSBM after 8 years of service at NIBM. He started his career at NIBM as a Consultant/ Lecturer and later, was promoted to Head of the Regional Center - NIBM Kurunegala. During his service, he was actively involved in administrative, marketing, advertising and event management activities and led the NIBM Kurunegala team in addition to his main responsibility - lecturing. Prior to that, he had been employed at one of the leading private higher educational institutes as an IT Lecturer and subsequently as the Assistant Branch Manager. He further has obtained industrial exposure from Ernst & Young, Sri Lanka as the Technology Advisory Lead and at Millennium IT as an Associate Software Support Engineer.

His interest in teaching is focused on the area of Software Engineering. He is interested in teaching programming languages and areas such as C, C++, Core Java, Data Structures & Algorithms, System Analysis Design and Information Systems. He has obtained his basic degree, Bachelor of Information Technology from the University of Colombo, School of Computing. Then he completed a Masters in Information Technology (MSc in IT) with the research titled “Job propensity of IT graduates in public & private Universities”. Due to his interest in management studies, he also completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Colombo, Faculty of Management Finance. Currently, he is reading for a Ph.D., at the Department of Computer and System Science, Stockholm University, Sweden. His research area is based on “e-government and environmental sustainability”.  In addition to the above mentioned degrees and postgraduate programs he has obtained some other professional IT qualifications such as Australian Computer Society (ACS) examinations in IT and International Computer Driving License (ICDL) examinations.

He represented NSBM and presented his research in the International Conference held in China. Further, his educational and research endeavours have taken him to intriguing locations around the world such as Peru, Lima for an international conference organized by Information Access Agency, Korea, AIT, Thailand for a workshop on advanced management training and Victoria University, Melbourne.