Mr. Dileepa Jayamanne

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Computing


Mr. Dileepa Joseph Jayamanne has obtained his Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Computational Physics from the University of Colombo and completed a Master of Philosophy degree in Computer Vision from the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering of the University of Moratuwa and is currently reading for a PhD.

Currently he delivers lectures mainly in Mathematics and Statistics for all levels in the Computing Degree Programmes as well as modules such as Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Final year project supervision etc. His research interests are in the fields of Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. He has professional qualifications in the CIMA Operational level and has obtained teaching and learning qualifications: Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) from the University of Cambridge. He is the Course Director of the Certificate Level of School of Computing. He has special interests in music and composition and currently is the Lecturer-in-charge of the Music Club of NSBM as well.

Research Publications & Projects

  1. J. Jayamanne, “Vehicle License Plate Recognition System”, International Conference of Business Innovation – ICOBI 2018.

Senura Dissanayake and D. J. Jayamanne,  HealthXStream: “A Privacy Focused Doctor Meetup Solution for the General Public”, International Conference of Business Innovation – ICOBI 2018.

Vimukthi Guruge and D. J. Jayamanne, “Video Based Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System”, International Conference of Business Innovation – ICOBI 2018.

  1. T. De Silva and D. J. Jayamanne, “Computer-aided Medical Diagnosis using Bayesian Classifier-Decision Support System for Medical Diagnosis”, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies (IJMS)-Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 91-97, 2016.
  2. J. Jayamanne and R. Rodrigo, "Establishing Object Correspondence across Non-Overlapping Calibrated Cameras", Proceedings of the Moratuwa International Research Conference (MERCon 2015), pp. 154 – 159, April 2015.
  3. J. Jayamanne,“Geometrically Constrained Object Tracking in Non-Overlapping Calibrated Cameras within a Bayesian Framework”, University of Moratuwa, Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, M.Phil. , November 2014.
  4. J. Jayamanne, J. Samarawickrama, and R. Rodrigo, “Appearance Based Tracking with Background Subtraction”, Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Science and Education (ICCSE 2013), pp. 643-649, April 2013.