Mr. Chamara Disanayake

Senior Lecturer



Mr. Chamara Disanayake graduated from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Moratuwa in 2002 and completed his Master’s (Research) Degree in computer science in 2005 from the same university. He obtained his second masters in Master of Business Studies in 2015 from the faculty of post graduate studies, University of Colombo.

Chamara started his professional career as a systems engineer in 2005 and continued his career in computer systems and networking industry for over 15 years. He became the head of IT at LK Domain Registry which manages the country code top level domain lk domain for Sri Lanka. While serving the IT industry, Chamara started his academic career in 2007 as a visiting lecturer attached to the Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Moratuwa. He has over 13 years of teaching experience in undergraduate and post graduate academic programs at the main technical universities in Sri Lanka in Network and Systems engineering curriculums. Being an IT professional Chamara has contributed many International and local conferences in the capacity of a speaker and a lecturer.

Chamara joined the academic staff of the faculty of Computing of NSBM Green University in 2021 as a senior lecturer attached to the department of Network and Security.

Research Interest

  • Network Security
  • Domain Name Systems
  • Network Services


  • CSSL
  • IESL

Journal Publications

  1. TDB Weerasinghe, C Disanayake (2018) A research study: usage of RC4 stream cipher in SSL configurations of web servers used by Sri Lankan Financial Institutes. International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics (IJCSDF) 7(2): 111-118 The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC), 2018 ISSN: 2305-001,

Conference (Full Paper) Publications

  1. S Ediriweera, B Dilhara, C Disanayake (2023) Web-Based Data Hiding: A Hybrid Approach Using Steganography and Visual Cryptography, International Research Conference on Smart Computing and Systems (SCSE), Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2023, pp. 1-7, doi: 10.1109/SCSE59836.2023.10214994.
  2. Chamara Disanayake, BAS Dilhara, Niranga Dharmaratna (2023), Rationalized Security Frameworks for Web Applications, International Conference in Business Innovations (ICOBI)2023, NSBM Green University, Sri Lanka
  3. TDB Weerasinghe, C Disanayake (2018) Usage of RC4 cipher in SSL configurations in web portals of Sri Lankan banking/non-banking financial institutes and Awareness levels of relevant staff about it. 2018 National Information Technology Conference (NITC), Colombo Sri Lanka
  4. C Disanayake, G Dias (2005) Sinhala Terms for Computer Applications, Proc. 24th National Information Technology Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  5. C Disanayake, G Dias, CR de Silva( 2004) A Market-Based approach to control Web bandwidth Usage, APAN, Cairns, Australia

Ongoing Research

  1. Mini Security Framework for Cloud based Web Applications