Dr. Swen E. Gaudl


University of Plymouth


Swen E. Gaudl is Lecturer for Computer Games at the University of Plymouth, UK. Additionally, he is teaching Pervasive Computing at the National School of Business Management. Previously, he spent 2.5 years as a full-time Research Fellow at the Metamakers Institute which is part Falmouth University, UK. During this time he worked on computational creativity, creative app development, software design and user studies. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Bath, on the subject of advancing the development tools and approaches for creating better character AI for digital games. Before his PhD, he worked for three years as a researcher and project manager at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, Germany. During this time, he was responsible for software development, project management and project acquisition. His main work during this period was in areas related to digital games and software development and software design. Swen’s main interests are to broaden the available knowledge on the understanding and replication of human behaviour and agent design with the aim to create something applicable beyond the confined academic space. He is interested in evolutionary and genetic algorithms and rule-based systems, as well as software engineering, data-mining and cognitive research. He is also working on non-zoomorphic robotics and the conceptualisation, design and development of both physical robots and robotic behaviour. His skills are not just restricted to technical skills such as programming in Java/C#/Prolog/Python/Cpp, as well as engineering and project management. He also enjoys working in interdisciplinary teams, and he is always interested in new concepts which could benefit the creative expression of authors and how to enrich their design/toolset.