Dr. Rasika Ranaweera

Dean / Senior Lecturer



Dr. Rasika Ranaweera received his bachelor’s degree (B.Sc in Information Technology) from University of Moratuwa, Katubedda, Sri Lanka in 2006. Upon completion of his first degree, he joined Redgecrest Financial Inc. Colombo, Sri Lanka as a Software Engineer for two years, before moving to Japan in 2008.

While enrolled in both masters and doctoral programs at the University of Aizu, Japan, he worked at NST Laboratory, Japan, as a Research Assistant and a Part-time Programmer. He later joined Aizu Laboratory Inc. (former NST Laboratory) as a full-time Engineer. During his tenure as a Programmer/Engineer he has involved in various R&D projects that ranges from image processing, 3D printing, web security, and syntax analysis. Dr. Ranaweera has over twenty publications in various competitive journals such as MIT Presence and reputed international conferences such as CYBERWORLDS, CASA, and AES and many others.

Dr. Ranaweera’s research interests include narrowcasting, multipresence, multimodal interfaces, gestural interfaces, immersive virtual environments, and abstract syntax trees. He has received SAISUA Scholarship (Support Association for International Students of the University of Aizu) in 2008, Rotary Scholarship in 2009, JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) in 2010, 2011, & 2012, and he was also selected as a Research Assistant to have preferential treatment by the University of Aizu in 2012. During leisure time he enjoys cycling, movies, and music.

Research Interests

  • Narrowcasting and Multipresence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Computer Graphics
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis

Conference (Full Paper) Publications

  1. Bopitiya Gamage Akila Udara and Rasika Ranaweera, An Innovative Video Game for Learning History, In 2nd International Conference on Business Innovations, page 264-264, Colombo, November 2019, issn: 2651-0111
  2. Tharindu Amarasingha and Rasika Ranaweera, PseudoJ: A Pseudo-code interpreter for transforming Pseudo-code into JAVA, In 1st International Conference on Business Innovations, page 7-12, Colombo, August 2018, issn: 2651-0111