Dr. Nigel Jackson

Associate Professor

University of Plymouth


worked for over fifteen years in public relations and marketing, gaining a fairly eclectic experience.  Starting off in politics around Westminister I cut my events management  teeth on public meetings, party conferences, lobbying events and general elections.  As Head of Communciations for a top 200 charity I was responsible for all internal and external communications, especially focused on fundraising and promoting the cause of the charity.  Working in a marcomms agency provided detailed insight of how SMEs use events.  Responsible for the PR of a market leading training agency developed my understanding of how a single commercial company might use events to sell and enhance its reputation.

I joined the BSc Events Management team for its first year in 2006.  I have taught on a number of modules, esepcially those that relate to communication skills and the strategic questions underpinning events management.  I have had published over thirty articles and book chapters, plus two textbooks.  I believe that marketing and PR needs for organisations are one of the key drivers behind the application of events management.  My research focuses on how events can communciate effectively, persuade their key stakeholders and change behaviour.  I am currently writing a research based book on how event managers worldwide seek to change behaviour through nudges, negotiation and persuasive messages.

Academic Qualifications