Dr. Nuwanthi Katuwavila

Senior Lecturer / Head

Department of Biomedical Science

Faculty of Science


Dr. Nuwanthi Katuwavila is a B.Sc. Chemistry (special) graduate from the Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya and she obtained her PhD in the field of nanobiotechnology from University of Peradeniya with the collaboration of Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology, Homagama. Her research focus is mainly in the fields of nanomedicine and pharmaceutical chemistry. She has won the presidential award for her research publications and the SUSRED award for her PhD study.

She has served as a lecturer at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka and as an academic consultant at the Faculty of Computing and Technology, University of Kelaniya during her 5 years’ experience in academia. In addition, she was a post-doctoral researcher at the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology for two and a half years.

Research Interests & Memberships

Research Interests
  • Nanotechnology based solutions to slow release of biologically important compounds to be used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

  • Biopolymers based green edible packaging for minimally processed fresh like food.

Research and Publications

Journal Publications
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Conference Publications
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