Dr. Damayanthi Dahanayake

Senior Lecturer



Dr. Damayanthi Dahanayake is a graduate from Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon. She has obtained a BSc in Natural Science from Open University, MSc in Analytical Chemistry from University of Colombo, MBA from Open University, and a PhD in Material Science from University of Peradeniya.

She has worked in dynamic fields within her career of 20 years before joined NSBM. Tea chemistry exposure for nine years in Tea Research Institute, Talawakelle, and Sri Lanka Tea Board, Colombo has given her the opportunity to be specialized in chromatography and spectroscopy. She has worked in Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology for more than 10 years specializing in electron microscopic techniques and other nano-characterization techniques. Her PhD work was mainly focused on the study of two-dimensional materials using advanced electron microscopy. She has worked as a senior lecturer in SLINTEC Academy for postgraduate students. She has involved in different research areas and some of the highlights published in international journals are given below. She has been recognized with presidential awards for scientific research in 2016 and 2017.

Journal Publications

  1. Adassooriya, N.M., Ozgit, D., Shivareddy, S.G., Hiralal, P., Dahanayake, D., Oliver, R.A. and Amaratunga, G.A., 2023. Dielectric behaviour of plasma hydrogenated TiO 2/cyanoethylated cellulose nanocomposites. Nanoscale.
    DOI: 10.1039/D2NR04680F
  2. Ratnayake, S.P., Sandaruwan, C., Mantilaka, M.M.M.G.P.G., De Silva, N., Dahanayake, D., Wanninayake, U.K., Bandara, W.R.L.N., Santhoshkumar, S., Murugan, E., Amaratunga, G.A.J. and de Silva, K.N., 2021. Industrial and environmental significance of photonic zirconia nanoflakes: Influence of boron doping on structure and band states. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 95, pp.203-214.
  3. Siriwardane, I.W., Rathuwadu, N.P.W., Dahanayake, D., Sandaruwan, C., de Silva, R.M. and de Silva, K.N., 2021. Nano-manganese oxide and reduced graphene oxide-incorporated polyacrylonitrile fiber mats as an electrode material for capacitive deionization (CDI) technology. Nanoscale Advances, 3(9), pp.2585-2597.
    DOI: 10.1039/D0NA01075H
  4. Abeywardana, L., de Silva, M., Sandaruwan, C., Dahanayake, D., Priyadarshana, G., Chathurika, S., Karunaratne, V. and Kottegoda, N., 2021. Zinc-doped hydroxyapatite–urea nanoseed coating as an efficient macro–micro plant nutrient delivery agent. ACS Agricultural Science & Technology, 1(3), pp.230-239.
  5. Ratnayake, S.P., Mantilaka, M.M.M.G.P.G., Sandaruwan, C., Dahanayake, D., Gunasekara, Y.P., Jeyasakthy, S., Gurusinghe, N.M., Wanninayake, U.K. and de Silva, K.N., 2021. Low-temperature thermocatalytic particulate carbon decomposition via urea solution-combustion derived CeO2 nanostructures. Journal of Rare Earths, 39(1), pp.67-74.
  6. Perera, M., Wijenayaka, L.A., Siriwardana, K., Dahanayake, D. and De Silva, K.N., 2020. Gold nanoparticle decorated titania for sustainable environmental remediation: green synthesis, enhanced surface adsorption and synergistic photocatalysis. RSC advances, 10(49), pp.29594-29602.
    DOI: 10.1039/D0RA05607C
  7. Kanatiwela-de Silva, C., Damayanthi, M., de Silva, N., Wijesekera, R., Dickinson, M., Weerakoon, D. and Udagama, P., 2019. Immunological detection of the Weligama coconut leaf wilt disease associated phytoplasma: Development and validation of a polyclonal antibody based indirect ELISA. Plos one, 14(4), p.e0214983.
  8. Ratnayake, S.P., Mantilaka, M.M.M.G.P.G., Sandaruwan, C., Dahanayake, D., Murugan, E., Kumar, S., Amaratunga, G.A.J. and de Silva, K.N., 2019. Carbon quantum dots-decorated nano-zirconia: a highly efficient photocatalyst. Applied Catalysis A: General, 570, pp.23-30.
  9. Dahanayake, D., Gunasekara, S., Jayaweera, V., Sandaruwan, C., Karunarathne, V. and Amaratunga, G.A., 2018. Atomic scale study for the structural transformation of single layered MoS2. CrystEngComm, 20(41), pp.6482-6489.

Conference (Full Paper) Publications

  1. Ally, H.P., Sodimanage, C., Lakshani, N. and Dahanayake, D.,2022. Glutathione Encapsulated Liposomes for Efficient Delivery in Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical Products. Annual International Conference on Business Innovation (ICOBI), NSBM Green University, Sri Lanka, pp 508-516.
  2. I. W. Siriwardane, N. P. W. Rathuwadu, D. Dahanayake, W. R. M. de Silve, K. M. N. de Silva. 2019. Nano-manganese oxide and reduced graphene oxide doped polyacrylonitrile fiber mats as potential electrodes for capacitive deionization (CDI) technology. Annual Research Symposium University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, pp 235.

Book Chapters

  1. Dahanayake, D., 2021. Uplifting “Ceylon Tea” with Chemistry. The Tri-Annual Publication of the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon Vol. 38 No. 1. pp 10-13

Ongoing Research

  1. Enhancement of lubricant properties using 2D materials, collaboration work with Industrial Technology Institute, Sri Lanka.