Dr. Charitha Perera

Senior Lecturer

Department of Marketing and Tourism Management

Faculty of Business


Dr Charitha Perera is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing, and Tourism Management under the Faculty of Business at the NSBM Green University Town. She is also a member of the University Research Council. She has obtained her first degree in Information technology (BSc (Hons)) from the Sri Lanka Institute of Information technology. She has also completed her postgraduate diploma and a Master’s Degree in the field of Business Management from the University of Colombo. She holds a PhD in Business specialized in Marketing Communication from RMIT University, Australia. Over the years, she has built a broad area of expertise across the marketing discipline. She is actively engaging with digital marketing and branding activities, and she has already completed several certificate courses in digital marketing to advance her knowledge in the field of marketing.

Dr Charitha Perera is experienced in both industry and academia. Her experience as a demonstrator at the Sri Lanka Institute of  Information Technology has led her to actively involved in lecturing at NSBM Green University Town. She was working as a business development manager at CMN Holdings (Pvt) Ltd which motivated her to direct her studies into the business management field.

Dr Charitha Perera has published several articles in leading management, and marketing journals such as the International Journal of Educational Management, International Journal of Trade, Economics, and Finance, and Journal of Marketing for Higher Education. She has presented in several international conferences such as IISES (France), ICIKM (Vietnam), ANZMAC (New Zealand), EBOR (Turkey), and ICRBME (Ireland). She has also participated as chairs for international conferences. She also reviews many top-ranking journals.


Her research broadly seeks to understand and foster areas of marketing strategies, and consumer behaviour in increasingly dynamic and global business environments. Her work demonstrates inclusive approaches to digital marketing, and branding drawing knowledge from different fields to get a better understanding of marketing phenomena and their implications for individuals, organisations and society at large. She has extensive quantitative methodological expertise in research studies. She has established relationships with many international universities and institutions and she is collaborating with many researchers on several different projects.

Research Interests & Memberships

Research Interests
  • Marketing in the dynamic world

  • Branding in the global world

  • Consumers in the competitive world

  • Changes in the digital world

Research and Publications

Journal Publications
  • PERERA, C. H. & KAJENDRA, K., (2016), Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Academics at Tertiary Level Educational Institution. , Scientific Research Journal (SCIRJ), 4, 25-29.,
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Conference Publications
  • , , Chair – 10th Business and Management Conference (IISES) – Paris (2019),
  • , , 8th International Conference on Innovation, Knowledge, and Management – Vietnam (2019),
  • , , Australia & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) – New Zealand (2019),
  • , , Scientific Committee Member – BIZCOM – Malaysia (2020),
  • , , Economics, Business & Organization Research Conference (EBOR) – Turkey (2020),
  • , , 3 rd International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Economics (ICRBME) – Ireland (2020),