Residential Workshop for the 21.1 batch of NSBM MBA and MBS Programmes


The residential workshop organized by the Faculty of Postgraduate and Professional Advancement for the 21.1 MBA/MBS batch was conducted on the 3rd and 4th of September 2022 at Cinnamon Bey, Beruwala.

This two-day workshop comprised mainly of three sessions which marked the beginning with the address of the Dean of the Faculty of postgraduate and professional advancement, NSBM Green University, Dr.Chaminda Wijesinghe.

The first session of Day – 01 on Business Communication was conducted by Mr. Shehan Kumar – Brand Marketing and Communication Leader at EY GDS, whilst the second session of the day was a presentation skills session followed by a series of student presentations.

The second and final day of the workshop mainly focused on experiential training and team spirit building that included challenging outdoor team activities carried out with outbound training sessions.