(Virtual [World) Music]: Virtual World, World Music— Folkways in Wonderland

Dr. Rasika Ranaweera ,Senior Lecturer/Dean ,Faculty of Computing ,ranaweera.r@nsbm.ac.lk

Abstract :-

As immersive virtual environments and online music networks become increasingly popular, it behooves researchers to explore their convergence: groupware music browsers populated by figurative avatars. Collaborative virtual environments (CVEs), like Second Life, offer immersive experiential network interfaces to online worlds and media. We are developing a virtual environment, based upon and similar to the “Music in Wonderland” proof-of-concept by Sun Microsystems, that enables a place that avatar-represented users can go to browse musical databases. At first this environment will support simple virtual explorations of music, but we have ambitions to map geotags to projected spaces, enabling location-aware browsing. A dome-shaped sphere whose nodes are populated with representative album art is an attractive idiom, since it leverages against our natural spatial intuition and experience, but allows a large number of samples to be scalably displayed and juxtaposed. A user “teleports” into this dome, and can browse data in multiple fashions