Resilience and COVID -19 - A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective

  • Dr. Isuru Koswatte ,Adjunct Senior Research Fellow ,Postgraduate Division ,Post Graduate

COVID-19 has been a cornerstone event rekindling the interest in business survival strategies. As businesses seek to find solutions to the current pandemic situation, the fundamental question remains the same. What makes certain businesses successful than others under difficult circumstances? From a historical standpoint, there have been significant challenges for many businesses at a global scale going through economic crisis, political turmoil as well as natural disasters to name a few. In this paper, by using a multidisciplinary perspective we aim to tackle the understanding of the concept of resilience. Resilience primarily explored in the psychology literature at its early stages, has evolved today to become a growing phenomenon crossing multiple fields of study. The main purpose of the paper is to conceptually identify key takeaway themes from a variety of subject areas related to resilience as well as devise certain conditions or prerequisites necessary for an organization to become ‘resilient’ irrespective of the industry in the business environment such as the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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