A Study on the Effect of Psychological Resilience on Covid-19 Stressors of Academics in Higher Education Sector in Sri Lanka

  • ,Department of Management,Postgraduate Division ,Faculty of Business
  • ,Department of Management,Postgraduate Division ,Faculty of Business

This study is focused on understanding the effect of psychological resilience on covid-19 stressors of academics in higher education sector in Sri Lanka. Analyzing the data of 65 academics in  Sri Lankan higher education sector, this study explores how organizational drivers and personal drivers of psychological resilience has impacted the Covid-19 stressors such as anxiety and depression. Significant associations were identified via the Pearson’s Correlation and findings suggest that there is a negative correlation between personal drivers and Covid19 stressors, whereas there is a positive correlation between organizational drivers of psychological resilience and Covid-19 stressors. The findings of the study highlight valuable insights on the effect of psychological resilience on Covid-19 stressors, where the study emphasizes that having organizational drivers would not be sufficient in mitigating theCovid19 stressors and thereby, it is significant for an individual to possess strong personal drivers as well.

Keywords: Covid-19, Psychological Resilience, Anxiety, Depression, Covid-19 stressors.

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