The relationship among the factors affecting on professional empowerment of the nursing professionals in Sri Lanka

  • ,Postgraduate Division ,Faculty of Business
  • H.P. Sashini R. Caldera ,NSBM Green University Town Homagama, Sri Lanka (sashinicaldera@yahoo.com)

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationships among the Career Choice -CC, Continuous Education- CE and the Social SupportSS towards the professional empowerment-PE of the registered nurses in Sri Lanka who is currently following their undergraduate studies. A crosssectional survey design was used with 191 female nurses in state hospitals in Sri Lanka. All these factors having a moderate association with the professional empowerment. It was noticed that there is a strong joint association between the individual factors and professional Empowerment with the multiple correlation “R” value of 0.636. Rsquare of 0.405 indicates that 40.5% of professional empowerment has been covered by this model.

Keywords—Professional Empowerment, Social Support, Continuous Education, Career Choice, Registered Female Nurses

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