The Empowerment of Female Entrepreneurs using Social Media for Business - A Systematic Literature Review


Problem: Women entrepreneurship has grown significantly all over the world, and it is widely established that entrepreneurship is important for economic growth and wealth. Despite those facts, women’s participation in entrepreneurship is lower than men’s in almost all societies. Objective: This article aims at providing a systematic review and a descriptive evaluation of the use of social media to support women entrepreneurship. Methods: A systematic review of three databases covering technology, business and social sciences (Scopus, Emerald and Google Scholar) was carried out. Results: This article provides a methodological description of 15 studies about the impact and use of social media/ ICT on women entrepreneurship and a reflection on what approach or design will be suitable to researchers focused area. The following rubrics were considered for the analysis: research objectives/ questions, materials included, participants, research design/strategy, research methods, measures/ analysis, re-sults/conclusions and credibility and reliability. Conclusions: The systematic re-view demonstrated that most research in the area of women entrepreneurship and social media are conducted in a case study research design with a qualitative ap-proach. The overall research findings show that the social media and ICT related other services can be utilized for development of women entrepreneurship.

Keywords— Women Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Women Empowerment

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