Factors Associated with the Satisfaction of Chartered Accountancy Students in Sri Lanka

  • Ms. Anne Pathiranage ,Senior Lecturer ,Department of Accounting and Finance ,Faculty of Business
  • Nisha Palagolla ,Australian College of Business and Technology Colombo 5, Sri Lanka (Nisha.Palagolla@acbt.lk)

The main objective of this study is to identify the factors that significantly associated with the satisfaction of the Chartered Accountancy students in Sri Lanka. This scenario has been tested with a sample of 380 randomly selected Chartered Accountancy students from two main institutes located in Colombo. Significant associations were identified by using Pearson Chi-Square and validated by Spearman Rank Correlation analyses. Results reveal significant associations among the academic role, staff quality, examination, marking and feedback, course management, industry and job market implications, and personal attributes towards Chartered Accountancy students’ satisfaction on their program. The findings of the study provide valuable insights on the policy prospects of the institute as well as the factors that must be considered on satisfying the students for the future development of the institute.

Keywords— Chartered Accountancy students, Accounting Education, Students satisfaction, Sri Lanka

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