Common Arduino Communication Platform

Mr. Isuru Sri Bandara ,Lecturer ,Department of Network and Security ,Faculty of Computing
Mr. Chamindra Attanayake ,Senior Lecturer / Head ,Department of Network and Security ,Faculty of Computing

Abstract :-

There is a huge development and implement in the Internet of Things dubbed “IOT.” According to the recent data, it says there will be 1.5 billion IOT are been used by 2022. Although, many companies already built massive number of devices and sensors. Minicomputers and sensors are made for day today life easier and also, they have reasonable prices. According to these facts IOT has made a revolution in technology but because of some reason there is a small breakdown There are two major issues to have a breakdown in IOT technology. Such as, Having a great knowledge about computer programming and technological knowledge. So, to improve the IOT technology we should have found the answers for these issues My research based on addressing above mention problems and It will effect to the development of the technology directly, To address this problems best solution is Common communication platform which generalize communications and codes between IOT devices .This solution provides, IOT common communication platform, speed up deployment, and this is an Open source, not vender specific platform. This platform avoids the problem that need to code separately to each IOT devices because it’s made general code format to the internal hardware and external plugged sensors which will help to users to understand and code to the system without having expertise knowledge of the language. This solution also allows to communicate with database in secure manner via HTTPS web server. This solution addresses major problems and it avoid obstacle which are affected to the development of IOT technology.

Keywords— Sensors, Node MCU, Interoperability, Security, Privacy, Network protocol, Wireless networks, Embedded Technology, Internet of Things