3D Walk-through at NSBM

D Manujaya ,NSBM Green University, Homagama, Sri Lanka (dulan69@gmail.com)
D J Jayamanne ,NSBM Green University, Homagama, Sri Lanka (dileepa@nsbm.lk )

Abstract :-

In this work, a 3D Virtual Walkthrough of NSBM using the Unity Game Engine is presented. The walk-through includes real life and detailed 3D models of buildings and objects. The buildings are modelled using SketchUp including the interiors. All buildings and objects are approximately modelled to scale. Objects are also modelled using SketchUp where possible. All other models which require more details are modelled using 3Ds Max and Blender. As the walk-through is started, a user is dropped in front of a building. Then, the user can control the camera using the mouse. The arrow keys are used to move forward, back, left and right in the virtual environment. Also, the user is able to navigate inside the buildings, walk into rooms and open doors. The light source above the ground that imitates the sun provides lighting and shadows for the buildings and trees. There are separate light sources inside each room to model the actual lighting conditions we observe in real life. All lighting is handled using the Unity Engine. In this work, the user has the freedom to move the camera wherever the user desires in the given area as there are no fixed cameras, predefined paths, and environmental hotspots.  However, the user is able access any part of the model if it is physically possible.

Keywords— 3D Walk-through, Unity Game Engine, SketchUp