Standard Web Application for Flight Booking

  • Thilina Jayasinghe ,Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (thilinajayasinghe4@gmail.com)
  • W.W.G.D.S. Dhanapala ,Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (samadaradhanapala90@gmail.com)
  • B.T.G.S. Kumara ,Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (btgsk2000@gmail.com)
  • R.K.A.R. Kariapper ,South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (kariapper.sab@gmail.com)

Web services are loosely coupled software components that are a popular implementation of the serviceoriented architecture. Web services have been extended to give value-added customized services to users through service composition. Online flight booking is a major application of Web service. Travelers are also relying more on travel review sites when booking. However, one of the major problems of development of the online reservation system is when we are connecting web services from different web service providers then we have to develop different programs to calling each of them. Because, each service providers provide different data formats as their response data. Therefore, Engineers have to learn about that from the bottom of the line. Another problem of the existing online reservation systems is reservation systems are different with each other. That is increasing the complexity of the system when using the consumer. There are not available travel agent web site standards. When a new system is built it’s hard to find the proper standard methodology. So that makes very hard to developers, architectures, business peoples to develop a system that internationally accepted. This research studies mainly focusing on defining those standards and each and every travel agency sites will be on the same standards so that the users and other parties who are involved in the travelling purpose will find very easy to use this reservation systems because there is the same standard which is internationally accepted.

Keywords—web service, JSON, booking systems

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