Governing Environmental Sustainability - A Literature Review

Dr. Mohamed Shafraz ,Senior Lecturer / Head ,Department of Information and Systems Sciences ,Faculty of Computing Shengnan Han ,Stockholm University Kista, Sweden (

Abstract :-

Environmental sustainability is the most important global challenge. All governments in the world are recommended to address this challenge by using digital technologies and their applications.  Scientific evidence has shown that human behaviors contribute significantly to the deterioration of the natural environment. Therefore, this is crucial that governments can exploit the benefits of digital technologies to engage their citizens to handle/govern environmental sustainability. In this paper, we conduct a systematic literature review and aim to deepen our understanding of the interrelationships between e-government, citizen participation, and environmental sustainability. The results show that the research that explores this crucial interrelationship is surprisingly rare. Therefore, more future study is called for contributing more knowledge towards this research focus.

Keywords— digital government, environmental sustainability, citizen participation, literature review