Gender Based Segmentation Analysis of Suicide Rates in an Emerging Economy

  • Sanjaya Dissanayake ,NSBM Green University, Pitipana, Homagama, Sri Lanka (sanjaya.d@nsbm.lk)

Psychographic segmentation analysis is considered as a cornerstone in assessing human psychology. It’s a statistical technique that has been extended in the recent past to subject areas considered as social burdens such as suicide. Suicidal tendencies based on gender based issues such as harassment, mental disorders and sexual incapacity have been the focal point of many a research psychologist. In such a context the application of statistical segmentation analysis to examine gender based suicide data of a secondary nature becomes a worthwhile proposition. Suicide is widely considered as a major social burden in Sri Lanka and it is validated by various credible benchmarks. Therefore application of segmentation methodology by segregating data from an emerging economy such as Sri Lanka at multiple variable levels to create enlightening output information becomes the core contribution of this paper. It provides deeper insights in terms of the influence of various factors towards suicide. As a secondary contribution to the existing body of knowledge social and cultural interpretations in terms of the findings are provided for clarity and completeness.

Keywords— segmentation, dimension reduction, principal components, tendencies

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