From Crisis to Character Leaping Through the Waves of Calamity - A Conceptual Framework

  • Rozaine Cooray ,Forté Consultancy Pvt. Ltd Colombo, Sri Lanka (rozaine@forte.lk)
  • Hansini Gunasekara ,Forté Consultancy Pvt. Ltd Colombo, Sri Lanka (hansini@forte.lk)

A crisis is an unexpected change that poses a challenge to the natural equilibrium of an individual or an organization. All of us face crises during our lifetimes. However, some individuals thrive in crises emerging strong while others struggle. The Crisis to Character (C2C) Model was conceptualized to understand the process one goes through in the face of calamity. Research evidence based on the model will enable scientists and practitioners understand the process of recovery following a crisis, the meaning of old and new equilibriums and the factors that predict positive outcomes following a crisis. This model can also be used to draw crosscultural comparisons.

Keywords— crisis, character building, resilience, wellbeing, holistic health, mental wellbeing, organizational psychology, trauma, recovery

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