Drivers Nurturing the Adoption of Green Initiatives in a Developing Economy

  • Lahiru Gunasekara ,NSBM Green University Town Homagama, Sri Lanka (lahiyru@nsbm.lk)
  • Haijun Wang ,Huazhong University of Sciecne and Technology Wuhan, China (h.wang@hust.edu.cn)

As far as developing economies such as Sri Lanka are considered, industries’ concern towards environment is comparatively low and the knowledge on GSCM is also considerably less. It is therefore important to identify the motivators for firms in developing nations to adopt GSC initiatives. The target population of this study were manufacturing firms in Sri Lanka. Senior managers or executives from respective firms were chosen as the representatives from each firm. The population was represented through a convenience sample of firms covering the entire country including the nine provinces and the main industrialized areas. An online survey questionnaire was administered to collect data from the sample. The research reveals four crucial drivers of green supply chain adoption that collectively affect a firm’s adoption of Green Supply Chain initiatives. Organizational characteristics, Customer pressure, Corporate Social Responsibility and, Branding advantage are the identified drivers. The research results lead to some practical implications for advancing green practice adoption in Sri Lankan manufacturing industry. Firms need to be committed to, and sustain top management support, improve human resource capabilities, improve and make organizational resources easily available for their employees. Large and foreign customer firms should formulate regulations that their suppliers must adopt certain GSC initiatives such as acquiring ISO 14000 certification. The government, financial aid organizations, society and the supplier groups must re-evaluate their current actions and think of better approaches to motivate firms to adopt GSC initiatives. Future studies can use the findings and the proposed model to other countries, industrial sectors, and green practices.

Keywords—Supply chain management, Green supply chain, Environment, Developing economy, Sri Lanka

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