Coaching for Excellence - A Case Study in Growing Leaders with a People Development Mindset

  • Pujitha Silva ,Full Life Coaching Colombo, Sri Lanka (puji@full-life.com.au)
  • Rozaine Cooray ,Forte Consultancy Colombo, Sri Lanka (rozaine@forte.lk)
  • Kartini Booso ,Full Life Coaching Colombo, Sri Lanka (kartini.booso.1805@gmail.com)

The paper is an evaluation of a coaching training initiative at a technology organization, as means of developing “people development” competency within the leaders. Organizations in which leaders adopt coaching. The coach training initiative presented in this paper was based on the P3 GROWTHS Model, a coaching model for developing transformational leaders. The presently evaluated program utilized intensive workshops and supervised paper coaching sessions to develop key skills; skills were assessed at various points, and findings indicated a positive improvement in skill indicating effectiveness of the program. The findings have positive implications for the use of the P3 GROWTHS Model in developing leaders inclined for people development.

Keywords—coaching, coach training, people development, training and development, leadership

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