Social Media Organic Promotions for Online Entrepreneurs

Amarasinghe S.K.D.K.C.S1 , Rinas Mohomed2 , Nisha Jayasuriya3 , Pubuddi Shamila4 1,2,3,4SLIIT Business Faculty: Sri Lankan Institute of Information Technology, Sri Lanka Kavishka.ccss2@gmail.com1 , rinas.rinas6655@gmail.com2 , nisha.j@sliit.lk3 , pubuddi.s@sliit.lk4

Page Numbers :- 81-87

Abstract :-

As the theory of marketing has expanded and new methods of market orientation have arisen, marketers have been increasingly focusing on identifying their customers. This has assisted in the collection of massive quantities of data for businesses to improve the efficiency of their Facebook marketing. The purpose of this study is to examine the factors impacting the effectiveness of Facebook organic promotions. Organic promotions are effective when marketers follow best practices. Therefore, this research focused on the techniques and skill sets that should be practiced by Sri Lankan Facebook entrepreneurs to maximize the reach of their Facebook business pages. The sample of this research is Facebook users, with a total of 384, and the research has used the convenience sampling technique. This research has used primary data collection, which has been gathered via questionnaires. This research has used the multiple linear regression analytical technique. Key words: caption, content, effectiveness of Facebook organic performance