Influence of Brand Equity on Purchase Intention for Natural Handworks

N.M.S.U Nissanka, University of SOLENT,

Page Numbers :- 61-75

Abstract :-

This research aims to identify how brand equity influences the purchase intention of natural handworks. Haritha Design uses the brand equity variables to evaluate how they influence purchase intention. Purchase Intention was identified as the dependent variable which is used to evaluate the relationship between brand equity and its variables. The independent variables are brand equity, brand loyalty, perceived quality, brand awareness, brand association, and the independent variable purchase intention, which are analyzed and evaluated using previous literature. Haritha design customers were used as the target population to collect data. The sampling method used was a simple random sampling method and 340 respondents participated in this study. Data were gathered by Harita Design consumers as a primary data collection method using a questionnaire which was distributed as a Google form. SPSS was the data analytic tool used to further the analysis process. The reliability of the variables was analyzed using Cronbach Alpha Value and all 6 variables were considered to be reliable. The correlation Coefficient was used to measure the strength of the variables which all dependent variables confirmed to influence Purchase Intention. The adjusted R showed a value above 50%. Hypotheses were tested and five variables were accepted. Finally, the research reached its conclusions by deriving the summary of all chapters.