Effectiveness of Online Assessments in the Perspective of NSBM Green University Town, Sri Lanka

Ms. Prasanshika Assella ,Lecturer ,Department of Marketing and Tourism Management ,Faculty of Business

Abstract :-

With the Covid-19 outbreak, the physical learning experience that students got in a traditional class room transformed to virtual platform. Since education providers had to conduct academic activities to meet the timelines irrespective of the pandemic, universities implemented student evaluation also using online platforms.  A key issue that arose with online assessments is whether online assessment methodology is effective as physical evaluation procedures used to be. When analyzing literature published in this area, it was understood that the outcome gained from studies varied based on the study context. Therefore, it was a timely requirement for the NSBM Green University to analyze whether the online assessments conducted by them due to the pandemic are effective in evaluating student performance. Hence this study was conducted to analyze effectiveness of online assessments under two sub areas as student’s perception in online assessments and student performance in online vs physical examinations. Primary data was collected via questionnaires to analyze student perception while marks that students have scored in physical vs online examinations are used as secondary data in the analysis of student performance. As a result of the analysis, it was understood that students prefer online assessments to physical examinations and performance-wise there is a difference between student marks for well performing students that belong to A category while there is no difference in student marks for B and C categories.

Keywords – Covid-19, Online Assessment, Physical Assessment.