Chain of Ownership – A Solution to Reduce Land Forgery through a Transparent Land Ownership Portal

H N Hariharan ,Informatics Institute ofTechnology affiliated with the University of Westminster (
A Kirupananda ,Informatics Institute ofTechnology affiliated with the University of Westminster (

Abstract :-

Sri Lanka is a nation fighting with corruption and fraud, suffering from no viable solution to eliminate land fraud. It has been a longstanding barrier for land utilization, especially after the 30-year post-war situation. There have been continuous delays and access difficulties for lengthy folio searches from the land registry. The increasing land fraud has impacted not only the country’s revenue but also the lives of victims who have been unable to prove ownership of their lands. This has evolved as a serious global concern. The Chain of Ownership is a solution to reduce land forgery prevailing within the country through a transparent land ownership portal,taking the citizen’s privacy in concern and designing a solution for the outstanding problem. The solution will ensure seamless and convenient access to land information to expedite and efficiently help proceed with land transfers and registrations. Further, all documents are guaranteed to be maintained against each land parcel, as soft copies regardless of being obsolete, as a historical record. The solution also has the potential to elevate Sri Lanka’s position in the ‘Doing Business’ indicator measured by the UN, upon improving access and transparency over the land registration information and the trust of the general public through this portal.

Keywords: Blockchain, Land Information system (LIS), Land parcel, Land registration, Landowner, Property, Property registration, Transparent.