An Investigation into the Facilities Management Service Industry of Sri Lanka A Preliminary Study

Damitha Rajini ,Faculty of Graduate Studies University of Colombo (
K.A.S.P. Kaluarachchi ,Faculty of Management and Finance University of Colombo (

Abstract :-

Facilities Management (FM) has been widely recognised as an organisational function which enables the organisation to create an optimum functional environment that supports its business processes and human resources. With the increasing demand in the industry, FM has gained a huge popularity all over the world and made outsourced FM supply inevitable. However, FM is a young and growing profession in Sri Lanka, and the researches into the supply side of the FM service industry in Sri Lanka is limited. Thus, the extant literature does not provide a clear picture about this industry in Sri Lanka.  Therefore, this study aims to fill both literature and empirical gaps mentioned above by investigating composition of the FM service industry of Sri Lanka and current practices of the industry.  To achieve this aim, semi structured interviews were conducted with FM experts selected from key FM service providing organisations in Sri Lanka. The findings revealed that the supply side of the FM industry of Sri Lanka is composed of single service providers, multiple/bundled service providers and total/integrated FM service providers. There are few total/integrated FM suppliers in the industry compared to single or multiple service providers and most of them are international organisations. In addition, the provision of FM services in the industry are mostly done for commercial and residential properties. Moreover, while the provision of janitorial and security services still dominates among variety of FM services provided by Sri Lankan organizations, the findings identify a considerable increment in hard FM services and other soft FM services provision during the last few years.

Keywords—Facilities Management (FM), FM Outsourcing Services, FM Service Providers, Sri Lanka