A Study on the Effectiveness of Green Sustainability Initiatives on Organizational Performance at “XYZ” Company under Apparel Industry

S.G.B. Narmada Kulathilake (NarmadaK@masholdings.com )

Abstract :-

Understanding the factors that influence Organizational Performance is vital because satisfied employees as well as supporting the society wellbeing will improve overall effectiveness of an organization. XYZ Company being the leading apparel manufacturing company in Sri Lanka plays a crucial and significant role within the Sri Lankan economy; however, lack of attention has been focused on understanding the concept of Organization Performance within this context. The main objective of this research was to identify whether there is impact or relationship between Green Sustainability Initiatives such as (Environmental, Social & Economical) and the organizational Performance at the XYZ Company. A survey was developed and utilized to gather data regarding the importance of several factors to an Organizational Performance. The data that was gathered was statistically analyzed in order to support or reject the research hypothesis. The findings of the research had been indicated that there is significant impact, between Environmental, Social & Economical Sustainability initiatives and Organizational Performance. The researcher then suggested for future researchers, certain strategies in order to enhance the Organizational Performance and has suggested other areas to be research accompanying the findings and limitations of this research. Finally, the researcher intends to draw more attention to the Organizational Performance at the XYZ Company and by doing that the researcher strives to enhance the overall effectiveness     via three pillars of Sustainability Initiatives. Thereby the determination of Researcher is to encourage implementation and practice and to help step the apparel Industry in Sri Lanka towards wining journey with a satisfied, motivated, well-educated and well society concern workforce within their organization

Keywords—Organizational Performance, Price Prediction, Used cars, Random Forest, Multiple Linear Regression, Robotic Process Automation