Accelerate business growth by synergizing emotional intelligence

Ms. Pavithra Subhashini ,Senior Lecturer / Head ,Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering ,Faculty of Computing

Abstract :-

“Emotions drive people, people drive performance”. Emotional Intelligence is a critical success factor for the sustainable business growth on which professionals need to concentrate. Emotional intelligence is an invisible skill, which can be developed through learning, training and practicing. To be a part of successful, satisfied, high customer delight team, it is important to have positive, effective interpersonal skills as well as high emotional intelligence empowerment. Research has shown that every emotion has a function. Experts opine that “People buy relationships, not products”. To accelerate business growth, professionals need to pay attention of the emotions of the clients. The objective of this paper is to identify the factors that affect the business growth. We used random sampling techniques to collect data. Then we analyzed the data by using statistical tools. We first setup a forum for software professionals to discuss the challenges, limitations and success factors. We then conducted an online survey based on the findings from forum and literature review. Through this, we identified more than 30 challenges and several best practices. We further conducted a set of face-to-face interviews with the subject matter expertise like customer relation managers and sales teams to identify a suitable set of solutions, and finally developed a framework. According to the result shown in the survey, clients are willing to have emotional bond with the development team. Further, 80% of the professionals agreed that emotional connection is one of the main factor for the project success. It has also shown that 70% of the people state that emotional intelligence is a skill, which needs to be trained by the expert for better work environment. 75% of the experts state that emotional intelligence is needed for good personal relationship. 60% of the professionals agreed that empathy is the major factor, which help to have a good work environment. It also found that technical team has to understand the power of emotional intelligence to have good business growth in the organization.