Research & Academic Development

Academic Development and Quality Assurance (AD&QA) unit of NSBM is responsible for the implementation of academic strategy across the university. The ambition of the unit is to uplift the academic standards of the university to respond to a highly competitive and fast changing environment and seeks to position the university on par with internationally recognized universities. In realizing this ambition, the AD&QA offers a wide range of strategic initiatives such as managing the academic programme portfolio, ensuring quality assurance enhancement, implanting academic staff development programmes, conducting conferences, encouraging publications, research and development and public engagement programmes.  

AD&QA continuously supports NSBM staff and students in their important research through our thriving research community and professional development, providing funding opportunities and project delivery support. We believe our research also brings value to the local community and impacts on lives across the world. Our staff and student researchers are key figures in our research ambition.  


“මැNARUM’23” the Project Management Day

The Project Management Circle of NSBM marked another milestone in their journey with “මැNARUM’23”, the Project Management Day held on 27th February 2023, at the University Auditorium. Based on the vital need for the role of Project Manager at present, the Project Management Circle conducted this day as a real-life project, intending to provide practical exposure to all the project management undergraduates and educate them with practical knowledge. This event was glamoured by

NSBM Degree Inauguration Ceremony of March 2023 Intake

NSBM Green University ceremonially welcomed 1000+ new students who enrolled on March 2023 Intake at the Inauguration Ceremony of NSBM undergraduate degrees held on 21st March under four sessions at the NSBM premises with the participation of distinguished guests, new entrants and their parents. The ceremonial inauguration took place in the honourable presence of Vice Chancellor

NSBM welcomes the official delegation from Southern Cross University

NSBM Green University had the pleasure of hosting an official delegation of representatives from Southern Cross University (SCU), Australia, on 20th March 2023. The delegation included Prof. Thomas Roche, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Quality), Mr. Damon Ferris, Executive Director (Global) and Prof. Darshana Sedara, Executive Dean of Faculty of Business, Law and Arts, was warmly welcomed