Research & Academic Development

Academic Development and Quality Assurance (AD&QA) unit of NSBM is responsible for the implementation of academic strategy across the university. The ambition of the unit is to uplift the academic standards of the university to respond to a highly competitive and fast changing environment and seeks to position the university on par with internationally recognized universities. In realizing this ambition, the AD&QA offers a wide range of strategic initiatives such as managing the academic programme portfolio, ensuring quality assurance enhancement, implanting academic staff development programmes, conducting conferences, encouraging publications, research and development and public engagement programmes.  

AD&QA continuously supports NSBM staff and students in their important research through our thriving research community and professional development, providing funding opportunities and project delivery support. We believe our research also brings value to the local community and impacts on lives across the world. Our staff and student researchers are key figures in our research ambition.  


ICOBI 2021 – International Conference on Business Innovation

The inauguration ceremony of the 4th International Conference on Business Innovation (ICOBI 2021) of NSBM Green University was held today (26th November 2021) at our own lush green university premises, with the theme of “Revitalizing the economy through sustainable strategies”. The Keynote Address of ICOBI 2021 was delivered by one of the globally renowned economists

The inauguration event of Colombo district’s ‘Husma Dena Thuru’ tree planting program was recently held at NSBM Green University

Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has selected NSBM Green University as the venue for the inaugural event in recognition of NSBM’s proven track record and commitment towards environment preservation and green initiatives. Natural flora has been optimally used across NSBM to beautify and enhance the overall environment. Over 430 large trees have been already planted within

MoU sign up with OREL IT

NSBM Green University announced its formal MoU sign up with OREL IT for its Industry Partnership Programme. NSBM ‘Industry Partnership Program’ is designed to optimize synergies among the Industry Partners and NSBM in relation to Entry Level Talent Acquisition (Internship / Training), Employer Brand Building, Knowledge Sharing, Corporate Brand Building, Special Projects, Incubation / Entrepreneurship