NSBM Research Council

For most research-active staff, securing external funding is a priority.There is an explicit process to be followed for the researchers who wish to undertake any research under the centralized governance of the research council. The chances of success are increased with good advice on the scientific, presentational and administrative aspects of applications. 

Whatever the nature of your project, all external funding also brings responsibilities and resource implications for the university and so it is essential that you are aware of the issues involved and follow the correct procedures.

The NSBM Research Council’s decision to award a grant is valid as from the day both the council and the applicant have accepted the terms and conditions for the grant through signing in the NSBM Research Council’s application system. The terms and conditions for the grant decision are valid up to and including the date when final scientific and financial reports have been received by the NSBM Research Council and, as applicable, unused funds have been repaid. The grant is paid from the Finance Division of the NSBM Green University to the NSBM Research Council.