The opening ceremony of the grand finale of NSBM Sports Fiesta 2024, the annual sporting extravaganza, concluded with joyous festivities at NSBM Phase 2 Ground. The ceremony commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic Lamp by a group of NSBM sports stars, led by the President of the NSBM Sports Council with the representatives from the four houses: the Citrine Warriors, Ruby Adventurers, Emerald Fighters, and Sapphire Heroes.

The ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of the Vice Chancellor of NSBM Green University, Prof. E. A. Weerasinghe, Head of Academic Development and Quality Assurance, Prof. Baratha Dodankotuwa, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Ms. Thilini De Silva, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Dr. Nuwanthi Katuwawila, Head of Student Affairs, Ms. Aushadharie Kaushalya, as well as the staff and visitors.

The grand finale will happen throughout the day today, culminating in the highly anticipated award ceremony scheduled for the evening.