NSBM International Delegation Visit - 4

NSBM warmly welcomes an international delegation

NSBM extended its warm welcome and hospitality to a delegation of representatives from India, Bangladesh and Nepal who visited Sri Lanka for the International Summit for Quality Education 2023. The visit happened as a part of NSBM’s global outreach initiatives, with an extensive focus on strengthening the international visibility of Global Youth Camp 2023.

The delegation, which comprised professionals and scholars such as doctors, professors, principals and teachers, was delighted to participate in an informative and interactive session in which they were enlightened on NSBM’s legacy, opportunities on offer and the contribution towards the nation’s development. The delegates paid a special interest in getting to know about the highly-regarded best academic practices of NSBM, which rendered the university remarkable progress in the field of higher education. They further went on to witness for themselves the university’s state-of-the-art facilities and modern educational resources.